Ichigo by Luke#6723
Guilds: 342
Shards: 1
Basic commands
boop boop someone on the nose ]ichigo boop [person]
coinflip flip a coin ]ichigo coinflip
dogpic get picture of a dog ]ichigo dogpic
help get the available commands for the bot. ]ichigo help [basic/moderator/admin]
invite Get the invite link for the bot ]ichigo invite
listaliases list all command aliases for the guild. ]ichigo listaliases
listcustomcommands list all customcommands for the guild. ]ichigo listcustomcommands
pat pat someone on the nose ]ichigo pat [person]
patreon Get the patreon link to support the bot ]ichigo patreon
ping get the ping of the current shard. ]ichigo ping
profile get your user profile ]ichigo profile
serverprofile get your user profile for the guild youre in ]ichigo serverprofile
serversettings get the current guild settings. ]ichigo serversettings
servervoice list all voice channels with a link to their screensharing section ]ichigo servervoice
status gives the shard statuses of the bot. ]ichigo status
suggest Suggest something to the bot author. ]ichigo suggest [text]
support invite link for the support server ]ichigo support
tsundere ichigo lets her true feelings out ]ichigo tsundere
userinfo get user infomation ]ichigo userinfo [id]
userleveldms toggle the dm message for levelling up [PER USER] ]ichigo userleveldms
zalgo make your text somewhat unreadable ]ichigo zalgo [text]
Moderator commands
ban ban a user from your server ]ichigo ban [user] [reason]
kick kick a user from your server ]ichigo kick [user] [reason]
leveldms toggle the dm message for levelling up [PER GUILD] ]ichigo leveldms
mute mute a user ]ichigo mute [user] [reason]
unban unban a user from your server ]ichigo unban [user]
unmute unmute a user ]ichigo unmute [user]
Admin commands
addcommandalias add a command alias for this guild ]ichigo addcommandalias [command] [command alias]
addcustomcommand add a custom command for this guild ]ichigo addcustomcommand [command name] [output]
botjoinrole the role bots will receive upon join your server. ]ichigo botjoinrole [role name / role id]
delcommandalias remove a command alias from this guild ]ichigo delcommandalias
delcustomcommand remove a custom command from this guild ]ichigo editcustomcommand [command name]
editcustomcommand edit a custom command on this guild ]ichigo editcustomcommand [command name] [new output]
prefix get the current prefix, or change it to a new one ]ichigo prefix prefix [new prefix]
userjoinrole the role users will receive upon join your server. ]ichigo userjoinrole [role name / role id]
Music commands
nowplaying show the currently playing ]ichigo nowplaying
play play a song ]ichigo play [youtube/soundcloud link]
queue show the current queue ]ichigo queue
replay replay the current song ]ichigo replay
skip skip a song ]ichigo skip
stop stop the music ]ichigo stop
volume set the playback volume ]ichigo volume [1 -> 200]
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